Mark Zuckerberg said on 4 January that he’ll spend 2018 fixing Facebook’s problems that enable bad actors to do harm. (Read the post here). This will impact small businesses.

I do realise that we, as small business owners, have different opinions and concerns regarding his decision, as well as his strategies to fix these problems. (Read his strategies to fix the problems here and here). But today I want to focus on our common ground: our concern for the spreading of fake news, misuse of social media platforms by bad actors and copyright issues involved in using these platforms. I agree that the right approach will benefit the community and our businesses over the long term.

As small businesses, we can help clear up copyright issues and social media misuse. How? By sharing authentic, truthful and authority-based information.

Before we share anything online, it’s wise to conduct a bit of due diligence on the information we want to share.

When we provide information, make a statement or share a post from another source, we must ask ourselves the following:

  1. Sources/referencing: Is the information evidence-based? Is the information verifiable by other credible sources? When was the article published?
  2. True purpose: What is the purpose of writing the article? To cause outrage? To inform? To assist? Is there a hidden agenda?
  3. Credibility: Who is the author/publisher? What is the individual’s academic background? Are they an authority on the subject?

I encourage you to ask the same questions when I share information here. Check my sources. Be curious about the topic. Look it up. This way you’ll learn and gain more valuable information that will assist you with your business.

If you want to know more about copyright infringement and how it can affect your business, book a consultation with me.

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