Entrepreneurship is a tricky road to navigate. When you’re faced with daily pressures, it’s easy to forget your goals and neglect your emotional well-being. I recently shared my tips on maintaining your well-being as an entrepreneur in Fetola’s Catalyst magazine.

I help my clients create a flexible daily routine, as well as a sense of belonging, identity and purpose in their life, which will help them overcome setbacks and stay motivated.


“I guide entrepreneurs in creating a flexible daily routine according to their circumstances and within their ability. A starting point would be to understand the entrepreneur’s current situation and discussing their fundamental human needs, namely: nutrition, sleep cycle, exercise, and mindful self-regulation.

Further, I would guide them in creating an environment where they feel they belong and where they understand their worth, by guiding them to know who they are and what their values are. When entrepreneurs know what their skills and strengths are, it helps them understand which areas they need support in. This will help them align their business values, processes, and strategies with their own to ensure harmony.

It’s important that the entrepreneur spends time with family and friends or joins a community that they feel comfortable in. Make one step at a time and celebrate the small victories.”


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