What does this mean for your business? If you have a quality product, deliver quality service. Treat people with respect and move forward with integrity. These actions will ensure a solid foundation. And people will take notice. Word of mouth is your best tool to build trust.

When your marketing and the words on your website or social media speak louder than your values and offering, customers will lose trust in you and your business. The world and social media are full of fluff and pretentiousness. Those who live sincerely – with behaviour that reflects their values – will win the game. People are getting annoyed by the wolves in sheep’s clothing. If you are a wolf, be a wolf. You will earn more respect and trust. Definitely from me!

I want to use one of the designers who helped me with my thesis research as an example. Yuppie Threads stood by me until the very end. They kept all our discussions and my ideas confidential. When I decided not to proceed with my business plan, they were still prepared to walk the road with me.

They don’t brand themselves as ethical. Instead, they focus their energy on creating unique and quality products, while their actions and behaviour do the ethical talk. I respect their brand and want to see them grow!

My advice? Move back to basics before you move forward.

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Photographer: Lesca Lea

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