Respect goes both ways. If you expect people to respect your opinions, it’s wise to respect theirs.

We all have different passions. We have different personalities, cultures, needs and past experiences. Some people would rather save an animal than a human. Some people would want to save both. Some people would only care about the human. And then you get the odd ones who only care about themselves.

Of course, we don’t have the time or energy to fight for all causes, but respect doesn’t require much time or energy.

When solving a problem it’s not always possible to keep everyone happy. But you can show respect by trying to understand different perspectives and by considering the impact of different solutions. The root of our behaviour and reactiveness to a challenge lies within ourselves. Therefore, it helps to pause for a moment to acknowledge our emotions and feelings and to understand why we feel so passionate about our point of view.

If you struggle to consider different perspectives, seek the support of a mentor. And when it’s time to make a decision, keep it objective and be transparent about your choice.

For example, it won’t solve a problem if a business aims to create awareness to save Mother Nature, but they don’t think twice about disrespecting the personal information or intellectual property of an individual or business. And vice versa.

Showing respect is not difficult. It only takes responsibility. This is why I decided to write this blog. We can create mutual respect by simply considering the interests of all stakeholders.

What are your thoughts?

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