The protection of personal information matters more than we think.

When we understand how our data and copyright owners’ content are being used for political campaigns and to manipulate us, we’ll understand why leaders – who can acknowledge a problem without the insight and skills to solve the problem – are often elected. This leaves us with leaders whose words speak louder than their actions.

Once we understand how individuals – who have no real insight into the matter at hand and who fail to research different viewpoints – use our data and copyright owners’ content, it might make sense why certain campaigns don’t have the power to turn awareness into action, and action into impact.

Mindful leadership

I agree with Greta Thunberg. Leaders need to act and address global warming. For this to happen, we need leaders who can think critically and turn experts’ data into workable solutions and powerful policies.

We need leaders who take action. And we need leaders who are mindful. Therefore, I trust leaders who act immediately, but quietly.

Social justice warriors: creating content of substance

When do the pretty pictures of “social justice warriors” become more important than solving the issue or supporting others?

If you use your platform for social justice advocacy, take note of your focus, attention and intention. In this case, it’s super important to create content of substance. Be careful to jump on the social justice bandwagon just to advance your career in modelling or fashion. Or to promote your business.

In the same breath, not all of us need to be social justice warriors. Everyone has a place in this world. When we focus on our skills and strengths, we can contribute to society and make a difference.

For example, when I need to switch off from work, I listen to music, view fashion, interior or other art, and look at pictures and videos of my friends’ children. At the moment, I’m watching How I Met Your Mother. This makes me happy and contributes to my well-being.

You don’t have to be a social justice warrior to make a meaningful contribution to society. You can also be an artist, an actor, a mother or whatever role plays to your strengths.

 A vicious cycle

Researchers say that social media is causing an increase in mental health issues. There are probably various reasons for this. I can only speak for myself.

Inauthentic content on social media makes me anxious about the future. I lose interest in the news and what’s happening in the world. It’s a vicious cycle.

Therefore, I believe, if we ignore the seriousness of data protection and plagiarism, we will have leaders who can’t solve major issues like global warming. And influencers who make us stop caring.

**This is my personal opinion of my observations on social media in general and not aimed against or in favour of a political party or cause. I support the rule of law.

Written on 27 September 2019.

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Photographer: Lesca Lea

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