I’m a millennial. But unlike most of my generation (as we’ve been labelled) I don’t like to share my personal stories on social media. Perhaps it’s because I’m an introvert? I believe in talking less and doing more. I’m also tentative to share personal stories because they might cause someone harm. After all, most stories have a villain.
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Entrepreneurship is a tricky road to navigate. When you’re faced with daily pressures, it’s easy to forget your goals and neglect your emotional well-being. I recently shared my tips on maintaining your well-being as an entrepreneur in Fetola’s Catalyst magazine.
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I’ve been closely following the developments in information privacy – overseas and in South Africa. And while Europe and the USA are ahead of us in this regard, we are catching up. I saw an opportunity to expand my knowledge and completed a certification in Information Privacy. I’m now a Certified Information Privacy Professional/ Europe (CIPP/E) through the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). What does this mean?  
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During my first week of Master of Law and Business studies in Germany, our class was told that if we start our answers in the exam with “It depends”, we would be on the right track. We were reminded that our answers will always depend on unique situational circumstances and facts. And that various perspectives should be considered in concluding an answer.
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As business owners (and human beings!) it’s important that we understand the concept of the Bonus Pater Familias/Reasonable Man.
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As the digital world expands, our relationships are changing. Social media impacts our mental health and facilitates passive-aggressive communication, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and the spread of misinformation. Therefore, the focus on maintaining our mental well-being and upholding the values of mindfulness and integrity is vital.

What does integrity mean as an artist, writer, musician or blogger? To act with integrity is to stay true to yourself. To create your own work by telling or expressing your personal story through your art/writing/music/blogging. In my opinion, great artists leave room for the imagination when they tell their story.

What does integrity mean as a coach, lawyer or financial advisor? To stay objective and not allow personal emotions and interests to get in the way. To always act honestly and in the best interests of your clients.

As a business owner, to act with integrity is to consider the interests of all stakeholders. Listen to the people who support your thoughts, designs or services but also to those who disagree or challenge your thoughts and opinions.

The practice of mindfulness helps you to regulate your emotions and stay in control of yourself so you can act with integrity. It also enables you to see the good in others’ opinions and to stay confident and grounded. This is why I meditate every day, integrate mindfulness in my sessions and motivate my clients to practise mindfulness through either yoga, meditation or their daily tasks.

I urge you to question other influencers. Social media superstars with many followers don’t mean much to me if they don’t uphold integrity. I can think of great historical influencers who harmed so many. And a large number of people thought they were amazing!

You are welcome to comment or contribute to this conversation below. I appreciate sincerity, truthfulness, individualism and people who challenge my thoughts and beliefs.

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